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PE Video Line Converter
The solution for perfect screen presentation

The PE video line converter is an universal usable High-resolution-video converter which makes ist possible to show signals in the 15kHz 50Hz TV format absolutely flickerfree on a multisync monitor.

The PE video line converter is developed specially for applications in industry and power station centrals. This converter covers practically all timings. It digitalizes the input signal in RGB mode, stores the picture and shows it in a format independent by the video source. In contrast to converter, that temporarily store only one line, this procedure is universal usable.

Due to the storage in the highcolor mode, a color- or video-level-justage becomes superfluously. The PE video line converter has a comfortable on-screen-display and permits the adaption to the video source via mouse click. All values are stored in an EEPROM and remain therefore also in a current loss.
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